My approach and method

I work in a solution-oriented way: In order of your what kind of problems your experience, we will look together at what treatment and therapy would be most appropriate.

We look at when the complaints arose, look for patterns but also for blind spots and look at the present and the past to gain insight into you, your behavior and your environment.

We will separate and organize your emotions and thoughts and feelings. I use countless techniques and methods together. I look for what works and what suits you. I teach people to coach themselves in a patient and friendly way, so that tension complaints decrease. I am highly empathetic and non-judgmental. I see what is there and what is needed for you.

As a therapist and counselor I have the quality to step into the experience of my interlocutor, I walk along as if I am in your shoes. I try to delve into what you see, what you feel, how you think. From there I use my psychological, methodical knowledge and the life experience that I have. With this knowledge I can encourage you to think about things that you don't easily think of, or maybe even have a blind spot for.

Together we will now further investigate which way you want to go and which way suits you.

What is typical and important for me and therefore my inner motivation, is the goal that my clients feel safe and at ease with me. I will seek to create an ideal atmosphere that encourages you to open up, to express yourself, to practice and to grow. That you feel free to discuss what you find so difficult to share. I tailor my approach to you.

We will aim for you to experience more of the values, you are probably missing right now. This can be acceptance, respect, connection, understanding, meaning, recognition you name it.

I help you to gain insights and awareness of yourself and of your (life) experiences. You will gain even more self-knowledge and by acting in the right way, I try to help you increase your capacity and resilience.

I want to help you to dare to trust your own authenticity and your own strengths. How to break free from unhealthy dynamics that took over at difficult moments in our lives.

My therapy provides you with a source of knowledge from which you can draw for a longer period of time.
Therapist Niki Schalken in Amsterdam
Niki Schalken
  • Registered therapist
  • No referral needed
  • Reimbursement possible
  • Also in evening or weekend

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