About me

psychologist Amsterdam Niki SchalkenHello, my name is Niki Schalken (1971). I live in Amsterdam and am a registered and internationally oriented psychosocial therapist, relationship therapist, and counselor.

I grew up in various cultures, between different kind people with big differences in life visions, lifestyle and standards. All this gave me a large view of life, people and the world, up from an early age.

I have always been eager to learn and was curious about people and their stories, their ways, thoughts and feelings. Through many colorful wanderings, many international jobs, travelling and relocations, I finally settled in Amsterdam 26 years ago. My 2 big sons also live here, who help me every day to keep my view on life fresh, spacious and uninhibited.

The will to understand people and to urge to connect with people is second nature to me. I try to approach the people and the world where I can with an open attitude. I try to free myself from judgments. Apart from these motives, I am a smiley person and someone who is always looking for the fun aspects of life.

I have gained the necessary experience in life and work, to be able to help express problems and feelings both from the inside and the outside. In addition, life has also taught me that you should not judge, and that in order to really understand, you must first thoroughly delve into the subject, in the case of my work ;” The people and their behavior.”

I have learned from work and internship at, among others, a foundation that is committed to the prevention of suicide, and the foundation that I am still associated with, which is committed to care-providers and those involved in domestic violence in dependent relationships, that an emotion almost always swells and reaches a high point, after which it decreases again.

This is how it works during difficult phases in our lives. This knowledge can help you brace yourself during a stormy period. In times like these I like to lend a helping hand and help to regain the overview.

I have extensive experience with people of all origins, cultures, nationalities, sexual orientation, ages and personalities.

I owe this knowledge to living and working in Amsterdam and my many experiences with so many different and diverse people.

I hope I can welcome you in times of need. I would like to help you gain new insights, experience relief from your complaints and gain more peace and space to enjoy your life and your loved ones.

You are most welcome.

An overview of my registrations

Below you will find a brief overview of my training background and registrations.

HBO bachelor's degree: Psychosocial counselor/therapist
Graduated from the OPC – Psychodidact

Studies including:
  • Social psychology
  • Positive Psychology
  • Basic medical knowledge
  • Pathology and Psychology
  • Personal psychology and conversation methodology
  • Clinical psychology
  • Practical Psychology

Additional training and education including exam & certification:
  • EFT training for couples-& individuals counseling -2018
  • Mindfulness & ACT 2018
  • Additional studies personality disorders:
    • Narcism -2019
    • Autism-2019
  • How to sooth your emoties by selfcompassion - 2020
  • Codependency & toxic relations helping techniques by visualisation – 2020
  • Violence in relations- 2020
  • Attachment theories- 2021
  • EMDR -2021
  • Systemic coaching -2022
  • Working on behavior change -2020

Professional registrations

Dutch Healthcare Federation (NFG): membership number 8909
Register Professional Practitioners Complementary Care (RBCZ): license number 190090 R
AGB code therapist: 90106215
AGB code practice: 90065440

You are more than welcome

Please do not hesitate to contact me for an appointment or with any questions you may have.


What clients say
"To me Niki is a place where I can be myself without judgement and share what is really going on..."

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