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psycholoog Amsterdam Niki SchalkenHello and welcome to the website of psychosocial therapist Niki Schalken in Amsterdam. You have come to the right place for various forms of individual psychological help, relationship therapy, coaching and EMDR.

There can be numerous reasons during your life course, that can put you temporarily under considerable pressure. Changes in our lives can bring joy and growth, but sometimes this growth will come along with a lot of sadness. Especially when changes go differently than we had hoped for.

Most of the times it is not easy to handle troubles and sadness properly. We can suffer excessively of feelings of tension, anger, due to loss, disappointment or pain. If we do not take care of our own feelings and needs, our emotions can get in our way and we might get the feeling to be stucked up in our emotions or situation.

I would like to help you to come out of difficult situations or emotions, feeling stronger, with more confidence and to experience more control of the situation.

Almost all my life I have been involved and concerned with the well-being of individual people and of people in their relationships. I have been working over more than 14 years in mental healthcare and as a psychosocial therapist in my own practice. I have supported and assisted many people during difficult periods in their lives. By listening, I will provide you more insight into difficult situations and feelings. I will help you to find answers to questions that are important to you, I support you in your own growth. Psychosocial therapy is the key to new insights, new ways of doing things and new solutions.

We are playing the lead role in our own lives.

I am convinced that having meaningful and supportive relationships can determine the value of our existence, our development, and our lives course. Many of our problems and difficulties have to do with the interaction between ourselves and directly or indirectly with other people.

However if we start to take care of ourselves in a proper way, we will be less vulnerable for external conditions that will hit us during life. There is a lot to learn about ourselves out of our interactions, coping and dealing with life, people, life events and challenges. When daily life becomes or remains a struggle, when interactions are difficult, it is definitely worth exploring your own needs, values and beliefs and seek together for what could work for you to make you feel better.

You are very welcome

If you still have questions as a result of what you read and see, you can always contact me. If you feel that you are would like to make an appointment, you can reach me via the contact page, via email or telephone.

Looking forward hearing from you.

Kind regards,
Niki Schalken
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Niki Schalken
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